The SHOTOVER G1 is one of the most versatile light-weight gimbals on the market today.  The level of engineering and stabilization delivered by this 9lbs gimbal stands up and out matches nearly all it's larger competitors.  It's light-weight build makes it perfect to quickly adapt to virtually any application with minimal grip time and support.


The G1 is at home on super aggressive off road applications as it is on a cable cam with a a 300mm lens.  Amazingly, the G1 can manage a payload several times it's own weight, including an Alexa 65 package or Arri Mini with a studio zoom. Additional components developed by Tricked Out Pictures make the onset workflow nearly seamless with 3rd party lens control integration, sped up rebalancing and the ability to run the camera and gimbal for up to 4.5 hrs on one of our batteries.  Tricked Out has also invested in wireless technology that can provide stable and reliable wireless function in some of the most challenging environments.

Tricked Out has several support or complimentary tools for the G1 including the FlowCine Blackarm, Motion Impossible Mantis, Defy Dactylcam Pro and light-weight Techno 22.  The G1 can be swapped between these systems in a matter of minutes giving production a wide range of camera movement options.

Zero E Bike
M-Series/Mantis-Motion Impossible
Dactylcam Pro
eagle eye pic.png
LW Techno 22

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