The Technodolly has redefined the term "moco" from a four letter word best not spoken to a process that is quick and effective for VFX and production alike.  The system is extremely versatile and offers many ways to create shots, an experienced operator will be able to advise the best option.  There are different reasons to use motion control as well, whether it's twining an actor, complex motion/focus or replacing elements in a scene.  The technodolly has also been used for nothing more than exporting motion data, which depending on your workflow can expedite the post process with heavily vfx dependent scenes.  

We can get as complicated as you need, triggering additional moco systems or controlling lighting queues.  



- fully motion repeatable 15' Supertechno  

- 10' of telescope to a max reach of 13'6"

- comes with 60' of track (10' increments)

- build moves by key framing, live action, or a combination of both

- capable of exporting or importing fbx files