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The Technodolly has redefined the term "moco" from a four letter word best not spoken to a process that is quick and effective for VFX and production alike.  The system is extremely versatile and offers many ways to create shots; an experienced operator will be able to advise the best option.  There are different reasons to use motion control as well, whether it's twining an actor, complex motion/focus or replacing elements in a scene.  The technodolly has also been used for nothing more than exporting motion data, which depending on your workflow can expedite the post process with heavily vfx dependent scenes.  

We have solutions to complex requirements and coordination with lighting/VFX queuing or additional repeatable systems.



- fully motion repeatable 15' Supertechno  

- 10' of telescope to a max reach of 13'6"

- includes 60' of track (10' increments)

- build moves by key framing, live action, or a combination of both

- capable of exporting or importing fbx files

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We have available, a highly modified Cineflex, the time tested gimbal for aerial cinematography.  With the help of AgileCine this Cineflex is available with multiple camera and lens options- Sony HD, Alexa M, Epic-W Helium. The Cineflex HD system changed aerial cinematography, providing exceptional, long lens shots. This newly modified system maintains the "state of the art" stabilization provided in the HD system to the latest production cameras. Lens options include the Canon CN 17-120mm, CN-E 30-300mm or for long lens work, a B4 to PL adapted Canon 40x for 20-1000mm 35mm equivalent!

Record up to ProRes 4:4:4:4 (Rec 709 or Log C) in camera with the Alexa or simultaneously output Arri RAW to an Odyssey 7Q. The Cineflex® can be fitted with an Epic-W Helium and shoot up to 8K resolution. The small, light-weight architecture of the Cineflex® allows for this modified Cineflex® to be mounted on a wide range of helicopters; Eurocopter AS350/355 (A/Twin Star), Bell 206 A/B/L or 407. Watch for new updates as this interchangeable system provides for future upgrades in lenses and cameras.