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Tricked Out Pictures, is a service company, operated by Michael Darby.  


Michael graduated from Sheridan College, Media Arts in ’99 and was quickly introduced to the equipment offered by the William F. White remote heads and cranes department.  Shortly thereafter Michael was running one of the only stabilized heads in Canada, the Stab C.  Work with the Stab C had Michael zig zagging across Canada and on many international projects in film, tv and broadcast.


This exceptional experience gathered from years of running specialized equipment in varied applications is the foundation of Michael’s ability to best advise and foresee solutions to complex camera motion requirements.  

Tricked Out Pictures prides itself on offering professional cutting-edge equipment and solutions that meet the high expectations of the next generation of film makers.  Michael’s years of working closely with leading equipment suppliers has helped drive innovation in product engineering and improvements in onset workflow.  

You can trust the experience of Michael and Tricked Out Pictures on your next project.  Michael always welcomes the opportunity to discuss upcoming projects and offer advice and solutions.

Dacytlcam at a concert
Michael Darby

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If you are looking for additional information on any of the equipment we provide or need some advice on your next project drop us a line using the provided interface or email me directly or call...

Tricked Out Pictures


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