Cable cam systems provide cost effective ways to provide dynamic shots, safely and in challenging locations.  Tricked Out Pictures has a wide range of equipment and rigging options.  Our systems can be used in various ways and combinations. We always work to exceed safety guidelines while achieving our clients vision.


Eagle Eye Cable Cam


Highsight XL2

The SEC Swiss Eagle is a 4 point/3D system that is revolutionizing the art of moving cameras.  The lightweight winches and simple set up allows for installations in as little as 2 hours.  Our price point makes flying cameras in three dimensional space a practical option for a range of film, broadcast and corporate clients.

The HIGHSIGHT XL2, customized for Tricked Out Pictures is a closed loop point-to-point with the ability to move heavy packages on extreme angles with fine precision and near silent in operation.


DEFY Dactylcam Pro

The Dactylcam Pro is a straight forward point-to-point system.  The Dactylcam Pro is a friction based system that requires minimal rigging and set up time for fantastic results.  We install this system with adjustable pick points for quick changes to height and high-line deflection/smile.