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Tricked Out Pictures is known for providing niche, custom, camera motion solutions.  Besides our primary services we have several additional custom systems, track systems; D Track and circular track M-Series mod or electric drive systems; the Zero Moto or M-Series.  Many of our cable systems can also be combined in different combinations to provide bespoke solutions.


The D Track utilizes modified Cinegrip track and Modulus X truss to create a narrow custom track system.  We can provide a range of drive systems depending on the use from winches, belt and rope friction. The fully captured sled allows the D Track to be hung, seated or vertical in operation.


The Zero Moto is a customized Zero FXS electric motorcycle, purpose built for film making.  The Zero is silent in operation, has instant acceleration and charge enough to drive longer than you would ever needs in a day filming.  The Zero can accommodate the G1 fore and aft, over and underslung, anywhere you could want a camera.

D Track with G1
Zero E Bike


The M-Series (formally Mantis) by Motion Impossible is a beefy, customized RC car capable of moving a G1, fully camera package at speeds up to 40km/h.  At Tricked Out Pictures we modified the M-Series further to drive on 90° and 45° Filmair track.  We have provided dramatic shots up to 935fps with this modification.

M-Series/Mantis-Motion Impossible
Mantis on Dolly Track


The Flowcine isolator arm was one of the first mainstream, light gimbal isolator arms.  It is still the leader in assisted stabilization with a wide range of payloads.

FlowCine BlackArm
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